Types Of Extreme Sports

There are various types of extreme sports as the term ‘extreme sports’ covers a real big assortment of activities. Some of them are really very popular and some are still in evolving phase. Some of the extreme sports types which are more popular than other are mountain biking, climbing and drag racing. It is also a fact that different types of extreme sports have been developed from a familiar activity or by combining two or more than two kinds of extreme sports. For example, skiing is a common sport which has been developed into its more aggressive versions, known as barefoot skiing and extreme skiing, have developed over the years.

Different types of extreme sports have been categorized into air-based extreme sports, land- based extreme sports and ware-based extreme sports. Based on this classification, different kinds of extreme sports are as:

Air-Based Extreme Sports: The major types of extreme sports which are air-based games are BASE jumping, bungee jumping, gliding, hang gliding, high wire, ski jumping, sky diving, sky surfing, and sky flying.

Land-Based Extreme Sports: The popular kinds of extreme sports in land-based category of extreme sports are Paintball, indoor climbing, adventure racing, aggressive inline skating, BMX, caving, extreme motocross, freestyle skiing, land and ice yachting, mountain biking, mountain boarding, extreme skiing outdoor climbing, sandboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, speed biking, speed skiing, scootering and street luge.

Water-Based Extreme Sports: The main kinds of extreme sports which are water based includes barefoot water skiing, cliff diving, free-diving, jet skiing, open water swimming, powerboat racing, round the world yacht racing, scuba diving, snorkeling, speed sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, whitewater kayaking, windsurfing.

It is important to know that all kinds of extreme sports can be quite dangerous if proper safety and precautions are not taken care of. Taking part in any types of extreme sports requires proper training from professionals to avoid mistakes and reduce risk. Thus, it is important that before taking part in extreme sports you have undergone all the required training and know the safety measures well.